Friday, May 27, 2016

This was a familiar sight growing up. My grandma kept eggs on her counter and my Texas family, farmers most of them, had eggs in bowls on the counter too. Although no longer a decorating accent, when I was growing up, people bought plastic eggs to put in bowls on the counter in their country kitchens. I hadn't given it much thought until I got chickens. 

Let's be clear here, I have had chickens for three days. What I know about chickens would fill a thimble. The best way to learn is to ask friends, research on the internet, and learn by trial and error. Not wanting to make major errors, I researched chicken eggs. 

Somehow the sight of chicken eggs on the counter is comforting. I guess it's growing up around people who kept chickens. It was part of my childhood but I never wondered about it or was even curious. The eggs were on the kitchen counter.  

I got my chickens from a friend. As we were leaving, she gave me four eggs plucked from the coop. I took them home, put them in an egg carton and stuck them in the refrigerator. Two days later, I had two new eggs to add but I was unsure how long the eggs I brought home earlier would last. 

It seems that fresh eggs from the coop are good in a bowl on the counter for a week. The trick is not to wash them because it takes off the protective coating that is deposited on the shell when it is laid. After that, they should be refrigerated and are good for at least three weeks. 

My mother was a prolific bread baker. We didn't have chickens so eggs were always refrigerated. However, Aunt Ruth had chickens and it's her recipe (now 80 years old) that I still use. I will be putting my eggs on the counter and I will pull out my recipe. The smell of homemade bread always makes me homesick and now it's time to revive some of the traditions I learned so long ago. 

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